‘Vampire Dormitory’ anime theme by EXILE TRIBE group, FANTASTICS

Japanese boyband FANTASTICS announce 'Sugar Blood Kiss' single! Cover illustration of the group by manga artist Ema Toyama! The anime series 'Vampire Dormitory' began broadcasting on Sunday, April 7, 2024 on Japanese TV stations such as TOKYO MX and Nippon TV.

J-pop diva Kumi Koda releases 19th full-length album ‘UNICORN’!

J-pop diva Kumi Koda releases 19th full-length album 'UNICORN'! Best singles tour starts soon, ahead of Koda's 25th anniversary. J-pop superstar Kumi Koda released her 19th full-length album 'UNICORN' on April 17, celebrating the 23rd anniversary of her debut.

Japanese boyband Da-iCE released their latest song ‘I wonder’ on Wednesday, April 17

Japanese boyband Da-iCE release new song 'I wonder' on April 17, along with YouTube Premiere of performance video! The lyrics to this new song were written by members Taiki Kudo and Sota Hanamura, with Hanamura also composing.

Japanese virtual star Pmarusama releases ‘Himitsu no AIPRI’ anime opening theme song!

Pmarusama released her latest song 'Zenryoku Joshi Kakumei!' on April 7. This bright and cheerful song was written as the opening theme song for the anime series 'Himitsu no AIPRI'.

Ayumi Hamasaki releases new single ‘BYE-BYE’ on 26th anniversary of her debut!

As she celebrates the 26th anniversary of her debut, Japanese pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki has released the brand new single 'BYE-BYE'.

Japanese boyband LIL LEAGUE release new song ‘HEAVY GAMER’, out now!

Japanese boyband LIL LEAGUE have released their new song 'HEAVY GAMER'. 'HEAVY GAMER' was written as the ending theme song for 'Shadowverse F: Arc-hen',

Japan’s MONKEY MAJIK release new song ‘Borderline’, out now!

Sendai, Japan-based four-piece rock band MONKEY MAJIK released their new song 'Borderline' today, April 17, 2024.

The Best Printers in 2024 for School, Home, and Office

Struggling to find the right printer in 2024? Look no further! This guide highlights the top printer picks for school, home, and office needs, covering budget options, photo printing, and all-in-one functionality.

PUBG Mobile and Spy x Family Announce Collaboration

Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile announced their latest collaboration with the popular anime Spy × Family.

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