What is an Internet APN, can it speed up the internet

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Access Point Name (APN) is a protocol that serves as validation of access using a network owned by an internet or communication service provider.

APN is important in the internet network to be smooth, as a gateway to identify a connecting network between devices used to the internet. Divided into two structures, namely Network Identifier and Operator Identifier. The APN code contains information such as profile name, username, password, authentication type, proxy and others.

APN Can Speed ​​Up Internet

There are many myths circulating that APNs from other countries use faster internet, provide free internet access, or internet access without being blocked by the government.

Through various sources, the use of an APN that is in accordance with the operator service used can provide the best and most secure internet service.

To use APNs from other countries, users must be prepared to bear various risks, while access without blocking is not actually using APNs, but using a VPN or Virtual Private Network, internet access addresses will not be registered and randomized but still have risks.

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