Telkom Indonesia Clarification, Regarding IndiHome Data Leaks – A few days ago, it was shocked by the data leak of about 26 million IndiHome subscribers. Through the Press Conference on August 22, 2022, Telkom Indonesia confirmed that there was no leak of IndiHome customer data.

Data Pelanggan Telkom IndiHome Diduga Bocor
Data Pelanggan Telkom IndiHome Diduga Bocor

In addition, there is no system at Telkom that stores browsing history and customer personal data side by side.

VP Network/IT Strategy, Technology & Architecture Telkom Rizal Akbar said that currently circulating data includes invalid IndiHome numbers, both from the number of digits and the numbering format.

For browsing history data, Telkom stores data for the last three months in accordance with applicable laws and regulations to ensure customer convenience in using the service, including Law no. 36 of 1999 concerning Telecommunications and Government Regulation No. 52 of 2000 concerning Telecommunications Operations.


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