Sony AI Shows Off GT Sophy, AI Racing Can Drift in Gran Turismo – Sony AI showcases AI racing ‘Gran Turismo Sophy’ (GT Sophy) featured at the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Showdown.

Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy) is the result of a collaboration between Sony AI, Polyphony Digital (PDI), and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the PlayStation company.

According to the Gran Turismo report, in last year’s World Series, GT Sophy competed and recorded wins against the best GT racers in the world in exhibition races and continues to improve.

In the 1 minute video, you can see how ‘GT Sophy’ masters the track and drifts like a human.

Kaushik Subramanian, Senior Research Scientist at Sony AI comments in the video, “It’s always surprising to see the unique way Sophy learns to drive on the track”.


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