[Solved] How to Block Unknown Whatsapp Numbers from Callers

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to block unknown WhatsApp numbers when they call.

Unknown calls may occur, and this will certainly make you uncomfortable. WhatsApp has finally released a feature, which allows muting unknown callers.

Mute Unknown Callers feature is very useful and can filter out spam, scams, and calls from unknown people automatically.

How to Block Unknown Whatsapp Numbers

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Go to Settings (click on the three dots on the top right)
  • Select Privacy
  • Select Calls
    WhatsApp Silence Unknown Callers
    WhatsApp Silence Unknown Callers
  • Activate the Silence Unknown Callers feature

This feature will prevent these calls from ringing on your phone, but will still be visible in the Calls list.

It’s possible that the call is from someone important, so you don’t lose their number.

Although the feature doesn’t block right away, you can block it later after looking in the call list.

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