Ride Kamens characters from Kamen Rider Game

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Bandai Namco will launch a new game Ride Kamens, scheduled to be released in early summer 2024.

The game will be available for Android and iOS platforms. Kamens Ride consists of affiliate classes: Justice Ride, Madguy, Slam Days, Wisdom Thinks, and Tower Emblem.


Some details about the character Ride Kamens can be seen in the following link.

Ride Kamens characters
Ride Kamens characters
  1. Saigo Mikami = https://www.ride-kamens.com/character/justice_ride/1.php
  2. Kyosuke Araki = https://www.ride-kamens.com/character/madguy/5.php
  3. Lance Tendo = https://www.ride-kamens.com/character/slam_days/9.php
  4. Q = https://www.ride-kamens.com/character/slam_days/17.php
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