Reasons why Huawei’s Petal Search site cannot be accessed – Petal Search is a search engine service developed by Huawei, featuring multiple sources.

Yesterday we got a reply from the Huawei Team, regarding the tickets we have sent, here is their reply from [email protected].

We are sorry to inform you that unfortunately, Petal search can’t display their content (whether newsfeed or web search)

Due to strategy adjustment, some services in Petal Search will be altered globally, starting on June 25, 2023. The details are as follows:

1. The app search and web search features in the Petal Search app will continue to be available. (The web search feature is provided by Bing and Yandex by region.) All other features will be discontinued.

2. The Petal Search website ( will be discontinued.

Thanks for your understanding and patience
Have a nice day.
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Petal Search Huawei
Petal Search Huawei

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