Meet RunwayML AI (GEN-1 and GEN-2), which is Rich in Features – RunwayML is a site filled with Gen-1 and Gen-2 AI (artificial intelligence) assisted creative tools.

In Gen-1 there are several interesting features such as:

  • AI Magic Tools
  • Generate Videos
  • Generate Images
  • Infinitely Expand Images
  • Reimagine Any Image
  • Train Custom Models
  • Erase Things from Videos
  • Slow Mo Any Video
  • Make Images Move
  • Remove AnyBackground
  • And others.

While in Gen-2 there are features:

  • Mode 01: Text to Video
  • Mode 02: Text + Image to Video
  • Mode 03: Image to Video
  • Mode 04: Stylization
  • Mode 05: Storyboards
  • Mode 06: Masks
  • Mode 07: Renders
  • Mode 08: Customization

To try RunwayML on Gen-1 follow the method below.

  1. Visit
  2. Choose one of the available features
  3. You can also login with email

Meanwhile, RunwayML in Gen-2 can visit the following link This site provides subscription and free options.


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