How to Use GigaChat AI from Sberbank – Sberbank developers have launched a limited GigaChat, for their customers via their Telegram channel.

GigaChat is based on the NeONKA (NEural Omnimodal Network with Knowledge-Awareness) and Kandinsky 2.1 neural network models. GigaChat can understand commands in both Russian and English.

What can GigaChat do?

  • GigaChat can help you in:
    • Blogging, SEO, Marketing
    • Storytelling and analysis
    • Science and technology
    • Art and hobby

Before using GigatChat, users need to understand the commands understood by AI at the following link (

Here’s how to use GigaChat.

How to use GigaChat

  1. You need to join the GigaChat Telegram Channel,
  2. The GigatChat developer will provide an opportunity for the lucky ones to create an account on GigaChat
  3. Login with email or Google account via
  4. Select the GigaChat menu
    GigaChat test
    GigaChat test
    GigaChat test
    GigaChat test
  5. Enter your desired command such as “Picture “3D Dragon is fighting” in Russian or English

Wait for AI to respond to your command, use commands with other keywords if results are not displayed.


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