How to Use Fake GPS Application, Change Location Around the World

Now there are many various applications launched for smartphones. Applications with many interesting features and of course useful. Now if your location, for example, is in Jakarta, it turns out that you can change it with Fake GPS.

This application is called Fake GPS with this application which has the feature of being able to change your current location. By deceptive location, this application helps you to travel around the world. If you are currently in Jakarta, you can change it to America or other countries.

Unlike the VPN application that hides the location of the internet with a fake location. VPN applications are often used when you are in a country that blocks an application or web, with this application you can access the application or web. This VPN application is also often used by hackers to carry out certain activities.

How to Use Fake GPS App

  1. Install Fake GPS app on PlayStore
  2. Enable Android Developer Mode
  3. Select the Fake Location menu
  4. Choose Fake GPS App
  5. Open the Fake GPS app
  6. Set New Location

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