How to Turn Off Keyboard Autocorrect on Samsung [Predictive Text] – How to turn off and on the Autocorrect keyboard on Samsung Galaxy, which appears for autocorrect when typing text on the keyboard.

The Predictive Text feature, also known as Autocorrect on the Samsung Galaxy, is useful for suggesting or correcting words as you type text on the Samsung keyboard.

Autocorrect on Samsung Galaxy, allows you to enter text or help typing text quickly or when changing words typed on Samsung keyboard.

How to Turn off Keyboard Autocorrect on Samsung

  • As you type, click the Settings icon
  • Choose Smart Typing
  • Disable Predictive Text
  • Or go to Settings
  • Use the Search menu – search for Predictive Text
  • Then disable or enable if needed

That’s how to enable or disable Keyboard Autocorrect on Samsung.


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