How to Make Instagram Profile Photos Become Avatars – Instagram added the Avatar profile photo feature, to be used as a profile photo on Instagram.

The created avatar can move waving hands when the avatar is shifted right or left. This feature is quite interesting because so far Instagram avatars have only been used in DMs and Stories.

To make Instagram profile photos move with Avatar, follow the method below.

  1. Update and open the Instagram application
  2. Tap the Profile icon at the bottom right
  3. Click Edit Profile

    Instagram Profile Photo Avatar
    Instagram Profile Photo Avatar
  4. Tap the Avatar icon next to the profile photo
  5. Click Create Avatars
  6. Customize your Avatar shape
  7. Click Done – Save Changes
  8. To activate it, on the Edit Profile page in the Avatar section
  9. Click Add to Profile Picture
  10. After adding click the check icon in the top right

If the avatar that is made is not attractive, you can tap Edit Avatar in the image shown above. There will be a STORE button, you can buy with Google Play balance or through iOS, to get a cool outfit.

After the Avatar is added to the Instagram profile photo, you can slide the profile photo right/left.


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