How to Fix Error 1020: Access Denied in Cloudflare – You can just fix error 1020: Access Denied in Cloudflare, which is common with sites that use Cloudflare services.

Error 1020 Access Denied is an error that occurs because a firewall rule has been violated that is protected by Cloudflare, such as accessing a protected page directly, error 1020 Access Denied will appear when a visitor accesses that page.

How to Fix Error 1020: Access Denied

Report this issue to the Cloudflare support team with details:

  • The date and time the error occurred.
  • The Cloudflare Ray ID is displayed.
  • Steps you or your visitors took when the error occurred (e.g. clicking on a link, updating content, and more).

For those of you who manage websites using Cloudflare services, you can check the firewall rules that are applied, check the Firewall Log, Firewall > Events to see which rules are causing the request to be blocked.

If you as a visitor can report via email, the site owner can be checked for error 1020: Access Denied.


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