How to Create an ANIME QR Code with PixelML – A few weeks ago, there was a post making an Anime QR Code that can be scanned by cell phones.

The QR Code Anime uses a special model known as ControlNet. Now, we will try to make an anime QR Code in a different way that can be scanned on your smartphone.

How to Create ANIME QR Code

  1. Visit
  2. In the “Link” section add a URL, and design it as desired.
  3. Select the PNG option (under QR Code) and Tap Save.
  4. Then, on the same page click “Join Beta Now”.
  5. Login with your Discord account.
  6. On menu ‘Pixelml-bot1’ .
  7. Type, /blend upload your-image.jpg, your QR Code, and type Prompt (eg anime, 3D).
    QR Code Anime - One Piece
    QR Code Anime – One Piece

That’s how to make an anime QR Code via PixelML. Make sure you design the QR Code clearly and have a transparent background.

You can also use the /generate command in Pixelml-bot1.


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