How to Create “Add Yours” Instagram Stories – Many Instagram users have created “Your Reply” or “Add Yours” stickers on Instagram stories.

It has become a trend to share something according to the topic on the Add Yours sticker, making this feature addictive to share something and be followed by IG followers. In this tutorial, you can create “Your Reply” on Instagram Stories safely.

Here’s how to create Add Yours Instagram Stories:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Right slide – click Stories button (choose background stories).
  3. Click the smiley icon in the top right or drag the bottom of the screen up with your finger to search for stickers.
  4. Select the sticker “Your reply” or “Add Yours”
  5. Write a topic for your Reply sticker on Instagram Stories.
  6. Or click the dice icon for random auto topics.
  7. Click the checklist at the top right.
  8. Then click “Your Story” at the bottom left.
  9. Your Reply / Add Yours sticker has been posted on IG Stories.
add yours balasan anda instagram stories
add yours / balasan anda instagram stories

To safely create your Reply sticker on Instagram Stories, create a topic that doesn’t ask for personal data about Instagram followers or followers, such as favorite foods.


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