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A bottleneck is an obstacle that occurs in computer or PC components, most often the CPU and GPU. There are differences in the components of this computer, can interfere with PC performance.

Because of this difference, there are weaker components and the stronger components will be largely underutilized. CPU and GPU pairing is done based on whether there is a bottleneck that could negatively affect performance.

There are several types of bottlenecks, such as CPU bottlenecks, GPU bottlenecks, and RAM bottlenecks.

To avoid bottlenecks or bottlenecks on your PC, you can use the Bottleneck Calculator for PC which helps you build a PC that gamers want.

1. How to Check Bottleneck with Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager.
  • On the process tab, the percentage of CPU usage, Memory, and others will appear.
  • Play your game.
  • Keep running the game in the background, and press ALT + Tab key.
  • Then switch to Task Manager.
  • You will see the percentage of CPU, Memory, and more that affect PC performance.

2. How to Check Bottleneck Calculator with PC Build

On this website, you need to select the processor, graphic card, and screen resolution and select the checking destination. Then click “Proceed to calculation”.

Bottleneck Calculator PC
Bottleneck Calculator PC

3. How to Check Bottleneck Calculator with FPS and Bottleneck Calculator

On the Bottleneck Calculator check site, you need to select CPU, GPU, RAM size and speed, resolution, settings. Then click Calculate.

Bottleneck Calculator PC
Bottleneck Calculator PC

You will see the results of the Bottleneck Calculator, with detailed information on solutions to build your dream PC.

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