How to Activate Chrome: Energy Saver and Memory Saver – In Chrome version 111.0.5563.111, there are new features, namely Energy Saver and Memory Saver. Both of these features can be activated by the user.

Chrome: Energy Saver

When active, Chrome saves battery power by limiting background activity and visual effects, such as smooth scrolling and video frame rates.

Chrome: Memory Saver

When active, Chrome frees memory from inactive tabs. Your inactive tabs automatically become active again when you reopen them.

When Memory Saver is active, it saves more computer resources and keeps Chrome fast.

How to Activate Chrome Energy Saver and Memory Saver Features

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on the three dots on the top right
  • Select Settings
    Chrome Memory Saver - Energy Saver
    Chrome Memory Saver – Energy Saver
  • On the Performance menu
  • Activate Memory Saver and Energy Saver

That’s how to activate the Chrome feature for Memory Saver and Energy Saver.


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