How to Access Bing Chat with AI, Hi Sydney! – You can access Bing Chat with new AI to ask anything quickly.

What is Bing Chat?

According to Bing, Bing Chat is like having a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner every time you search the web powered by AI.

How is it different from a regular search engine?

The new Bing builds on existing Bing experiences to provide new types of search. New Bing shows one summarized answer. Bing takes complex searches and shares back detailed responses.

Users can chat naturally and ask follow-up questions to your original search to get personalized replies.

Bing can be used as a creative tool, it can help you write a poem, story or even share ideas for a project.

How to Access Bing Chat with AI

  • Go to
  • Click the Chat menu
  • Click the Join the waiting list menu.
  • Login with email to Bing
  • After you’ve been placed on the waiting list, you’ll receive an email letting you know that you can access the new Bing on

Are you already on the new Bing Chat waiting list?

Via @kliu128 tweet, Bing Chat has codename Sydney.


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