Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat List (Complete) – You want to reminisce about the Downhill Domination PS2 game, of course, you can use various Downhill Domination PS2 cheats in this game.

Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat List

Start the game
Enter code = Up, triangle, down, X, left, circle, right, square
The words “Codes Unlocked” will appear.
Enter the Downhill Domination cheat code

  • NacNac: R2 + L1
  • Table Top: L1 + L2
  • Lazy Boy: R1, L1, L2
  • One leg: R1
  • Superman: R1 + L1
  • Can Can: R1 + R2
  • Whipped Cat Nac: R1, R2, L2 and triangle
  • Air Walk: R2, L1, L2 and triangle
  • Look Dow: L1, L2 and triangle
  • Toboggan’s trick: R2, L1 and triangle
  • Double Can Can: R1, R2 and triangle
  • Indian Air: R1 + R2 + L2
  • One Hander: L1
  • Kneel Bars: R2 and L2
  • Switchblades: R1, R2 and L1
  • Scissors: R2, L1 and L2
  • Heel Clicker: L2 and triangle
  • Heart Attack: R1, R2, L1
  • Stoke Trick Meter: Down, left, left, right, right
  • Bounce: Left, square, X, up, triangle
  • High Jump: Up, X left, square, up
  • Infinite Energy: Down, triangle, left, left, square
  • Bottle Upgrade: Up, down, left, left, right, right
  • Unlock All Characters: Down, up, up, down, down, up, up
  • $2,000 bill: Right, triangle, triangle, left
  • NOS/Increase Adrenaline: Down, left, left, right
  • Anti Gravity: Down, triangle, square, square, up
  • Money: Right, up, up, round, round, square
  • Infinity Bottle: Up, X, left, left, round, round
  • Mega Flip: Right, up, up, right, right, square
  • Speed ​​Freak: Down, triangle, right, right, square
  • Attack Free: Left, square, circle, square, left
  • Attack Upgrade: Up, down, left, left, right
  • Restore Energy: Down, right, right, left, left

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