(DJ Music 2023) Japanese DJ Yamato Releases new song ‘Fujiyama feat ELIONE’

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Japanese DJ/producer Yamato has released his new single ‘Fujiyama feat. ELIONE’. Previously, Yamato was the technical developer of the Deck CDJ Pioneer series and now Yamato has perfected extraordinary and unique DJ techniques – making him a different DJ player in the domestic and international club scene.

The single ‘Fujiyama’ is named after the majestic Mount Fuji in Japan, a metaphor meaning “to the highest heights”.

The song is based on Yamato’s traditional Japanese sound, blending traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the shamisen and shakuhachi with a powerful dance beat, in which rapper ELIONE skillfully hurls lyrics with motivational messages to inspire those aiming for the top.

The music was produced by Yamato, while the rap lyrics were written by ELIONE, a rising star in the Japanese hip-hop scene. ‘Fujiyama feat. ELIONE’ has been chosen as the theme song for ‘Nihontoitsu Kanto-Hen’, the latest series of the hit TV show ‘Nihontouetsu’ which started in August 2013.

With Yamato representing the world of dance and ELIONE representing the rap scene, ‘Fujiyama feat. ELIONE’ is an unmissable collaboration between two artists from different worlds.

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