[Update] 8 New Donghua in March 2024 – Chinese Animation

KingdomTaurusNews.com – In March 2024, we have the latest donghua list for you to wait for.

As an animation from China, donghua has no less fans than anime from Japan.

Donghua animation is presented in various story themes, you can find donghua with Chinese culture or donghua with more modern stories.

In the past month, we have also shared the latest donghua recommendations that you can find on video streaming services such as WeTV, BiliBili, and others.

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Here’s the latest donghua in March 2024.


1. Sword of Coming (The Sword) – Network: Tencent, Tencent Animation

2. I’m The Blade Master – Network: IQiYi Animation

3. Dragon Prince Yuan – Network: Tencent, Tencent Animation

4. Immortality Season 3 – Network: BiliBili, BiliBili Animation

5. One of the Hidden Sect Leaders is Shocking (隐世宗门掌教 – Yǐn shìzōng mén zhǎng jiào)

隐世宗门掌教 - Yǐn shìzōng mén zhǎng jiào
隐世宗门掌教 – Yǐn shìzōng mén zhǎng jiào

6. 反派初始化 (Fanpai Chushi Hua)

7. The Charm of Soul Pets – 幻宠师 (Huan Chong Shi)

8. 散修之王 (Sàn xiūzhī wáng)

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9. Perfect World Movie (完美世界 剧场版) 2025

*The list will be updated later.

The video above is only a preview of the Donghua movie recommendations that we provide.

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