5 Ways to Fix TikTok Errors, in Effects, Likes, Until Ads

KingdomTaurusNews.com – There is a way to solve TikTok errors or problems when used, as an application with a high usage rate, TikTok can experience unexpected errors.

Some problems with TikTok, which you may encounter such as when watching videos, not being able to open the TikTok application and so on.

How to Fix TikTok Error

Clear TikTok Cache

You can clear the TikTok cache, by opening the TikTok application – On the Profile menu on the bottom right – Click on the third row on the top right – Select Settings and Privacy – Scroll down, on Free up space – Click Clear on Cache.

Open Close TikTok App

This method can be done, when the first ad when opening TikTok is stuck and cannot be moved. This is quite annoying, because TikTok uses ads the first time a user opens the app.

Update the TikTok app

Updating the TikTok application, is very useful for fixing bugs in TikTok. Plus, you’ll usually find new features to work with.

Smartphones are not compatible

In the effects error, we found that some of the newest phones can’t use the trending effects on the TikTok app. You can use, other phones to try TikTok effect.

TikTok Down

Although unheard of, TikTok is experiencing severe downs like Facebook or Google services. It could be that later, TikTok is down which causes it to be inaccessible. You can use the downdetector website and find out if this short video application is having serious problems until it goes down.

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Have you encountered any other errors on TikTok, please comment below.

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