BE:FIRST: New Song ‘Set Sail’ – A Unique Collaboration with ONE PIECE CARD GAME – Tokyo, Japan – BE:FIRST, a captivating seven-member dance and vocal group from Japan, launched their new digital song ‘Set Sail’ on February 26, 2024. Now, it is available for streaming and download on major platforms.

‘Set Sail’ is a glimpse into BE:FIRST’s exciting new single (title TBC), set to release on April 24, 2024. Coupled with the song’s release, a special collaboration video was showcased on the ONE PIECE CARD GAME’s official YouTube channel, amping up excitement for both BE:FIRST and ONE PIECE anime and card game enthusiasts.

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BE:FIRST / ‘Set Sail’ download and streaming links:

‘Set Sail’ was envisioned as a ONE PIECE CARD GAME x BE:FIRST Collaboration Song.

Launched exclusively on Monday, February 26, the song marked BE:FIRST’s first digital offering of 2024.

The band has been on a hot streak, experiencing rapid success with their first dome performances in Japan this spring, which sold out in a staggering three minutes.

The song, blessed with an emotional melody and dynamic tempo, was crafted by the celebrated producer, UTA, Yohei from TinyVoice Production, and SKY-HI.

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BE:FIRST members, SHUNTO and RYUHEI, avid fans of ONE PIECE card game and its original manga and anime, co-wrote the lyrics to ‘Set Sail’ with SKY-HI.

The track is a thrilling fusion of futuristic funk and rock, combined with resonating lyrics. It’s a track that is bound to captivate both ONE PIECE card game and anime fans. The specially curated ‘Set Sail’ video, released on ONE PIECE CARD GAME’s official YouTube channel, showcases exclusive footage of BE:FIRST members performing the song and enjoying the card game.

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The video also features highlights from the previous ONE PIECE CARD GAME World Championship and regional events.

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