– Have you ever come across the Samsung message “Battery Status Requires Action, and Battery Life is Bad”. So what should I replace the battery?.

This message appears in some of the users we searched, there are two actions you can take for the message saying the user should replace the phone battery.

Check Battery Life

Even if you get the message Battery Status Requires Action, with the battery percent full or half. Double check the battery usage in a day, whether the battery life is draining faster than the previous days.

No Need to Change Battery

If the battery life is normal, as before you don’t need to replace the Samsung battery. The Battery Status Message Needs Action, will usually disappear from many Samsung user reports.

Check Battery Quality

You can open the phone application, then type *#0228#. Will notify you of the status of your battery and its wear rate.

Samsung Battery
Samsung Battery

Battery level states 0 to 8 blocks then battery is fine

If the battery level is 0 to 7 or lower then your battery is faulty, and need to replace your device battery.

But if you want to replace a Samsung battery, you can replace an authorized service center to get an original Samsung battery.