[HOW TO] 2 Ways to Stabilize Videos in CapCut

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to Stabilize Videos on CapCut – Stabilizing videos in CapCut can be done easily without the help of experts, you can do it in the Capcut application on mobile or on Capcut Windows.

If you don’t know, CapCut has three versions of the video editing application, namely the mobile version and the PC version (Windows) as well as a browser version similar to the Windows version.

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CapCut offers video editing features, with the easy level of expert video editing in popular software, such as Adobe Premiere.

Here are two ways to stabilize videos in CapCut.

How to Stabilize Videos on CapCut Mobile

  1. Open the CapCut App
  2. Open New Project and add your video
  3. Click the video on the timeline
  4. Select Stabilize
    stabilize - stabilkan Video CapCut
    stabilize – stabilkan Video CapCut
  5. Set to Recommended
  6. Click the tick on the right to save
  7. Save your video when done
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How to Stabilize Video in Windows CapCut

Are you having trouble, using CapCut to stabilize the video.

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