How to Chat on Telegram without Saving Number (Username) – How to chat Telegram without saving your phone contact number, you usually use your phone number to start a chat.

Telegram users have several options, to start a chat, namely with a mobile number stored in Telegram contacts or using a username.

Here’s how to chat via Telegram with a Username.

How to Chat on Telegram without Saving Number

  • First, you need to have a Telegram username
  • Open the Telegram app – click the three-row icon at the top left – tap the profile photo
  • Tap “username-none” then create a Telegram username
    chat telegram
    chat telegram
  • Click the check mark on the top right
  • To start a chat, you can share your Telegram username with friends.
  • Then use the Telegram search field, to search for your account via your username and start a Telegram chat without saving your phone number.
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