5 Ways to Overcome WhatsApp Voice Note No Sound

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to fix WhatsApp Voice Note with no sound, when you use it. The WhatsApp Voice note feature is one way to reply to messages in the WhatsApp application.

You can try Voice Note by holding down the microphone icon in the chat, later the recorded message will be sent to the contact you are chatting with.

There are several steps that you can follow, to solve the WhatsApp Voice Note that has no sound.

How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Note No Sound

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Check volume settings

Make sure you are not using the silent mode, open the Settings app in the Sound & Vibrate menu and select Sound mode. Or you can access the menu in the top bar of the screen, the cross-speaker icon indicates it’s in silent mode.

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Then you can adjust the volume level, with the volume buttons on the side of the phone.

WhatsApp application updates

Users are advised to use the latest version of WhatsApp, this is to use the latest version that is free from bugs that cause Voice Note not to work.

Check Phone memory

You can check the capacity of the internal memory, probably because the memory is full, making Voice Note unable to function because there is not enough space to download voice notes.

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Give microphone access permission

The WhatsApp application requires several access permissions to your device, one of which is on the microphone.

You can open the Settings application, select the Applications menu, search for the WhatsApp application, click Permissions / Application Permissions, and allow microphone access.

Clear Cache

In addition to the above method, you can clear the WhatsApp Cache by opening the Settings application, selecting the Apps menu, searching for WhatsApp, selecting Storage, and clicking Clear Cache.

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That’s how to solve Voice Note on WhatsApp not working when you use it.

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