How to Transfer OPPO/iPhone Data to New OPPO Smartphone [Clone Phone] – OPPO has a feature to transfer all data to OPPO’s new smartphone, using OPPO Clone Phone.

Clone Phone will transfer all data from the old phone, including Settings, Photos, Contacts, Apps to the new phone in a few easy steps.

You need to download the Clone Phone app, via on both old and new phones.

Import from Android:

  1. Open the Clone Phone app.
  2. Select “This Is the New Phone” for the new phone.
  3. Select “This Is the Old Phone” for the old phone.
  5. Select data migration from OPPO, REALME, ONEPLUS, other Android or iPhone.
  6. Use the “Clone Phone” application on the old cellphone to scan the ‘QR code’ on the new cellphone.
  7. Start data transfer.

Import from iPhone:

To import data from iPhone, you need to sync the data to iCloud.
Tap “Import from an iPhone” in the “Clone Phone” app, and log in to your iPhone’s iCloud account to import data.

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