Tecnology NewsGoogle Bard indexes Bard conversations, is it safe?

Google Bard indexes Bard conversations, is it safe?

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Google Bard is one of the popular AI chatbots owned by Google.

Yesterday we came across Google Bard, and started indexing Bard’s conversation urls. Using ‘site:bard.google.com/share/’ on the Google search engine found indexes at 24 hours or so.

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Through our search, Only publicly shared conversations that are indexed and not for your default conversations remain private, and cannot be indexed.

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Google Bard - public link
Google Bard – public link

To create a public link, tap the Share icon next to the Google icon below the resulting Google conversation bard. Select Share and Create public link. Through Bard’s caption, uploaded files are not included.

Google Bard
Google Bard

According to a Google report they will block it ‘Bard allows people to share chats, if they choose. We also don’t intend for these shared chats to be indexed by Google Search. We’re working on blocking them from being indexed now.’.

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