Preload FORZA MOTORSPORT on Xbox Series X|S and PC Windows 10/11 – Forza Motorsport will launch on October 10 and has begun preloading, on Xbox Series X|S consoles and Windows 10/11 PCs.

Players who have pre-ordered Forza Motorsport on the Microsoft Store or have a Game Pass for PC or console can pre-download it from September 19, 2023.

You can start playing Forza Motorsport immediately when Early Access launches on October 5, included with the Premium Edition and Premium Add-Ons Bundle.

For Steam preload, it can be expected to be close to the release. The company has also shared Forza Motorsport download sizes on PC and consoles:

The size of Forza Motorsport.

  • Xbox Series X : 133 GB
  • Xbox Series S : 100 GB
  • Windows 10 and 11 PC (Microsoft Store) : 119 GB
  • Steam : 118 GB* Size of installed files; the download size is about 108 GB

Preloading in the game means you can immediately download the Forza Motorsport game even though it hasn’t been released yet.



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