How to Download Files From TeraBox Without App – How to download files in TeraBox without using the application.

TeraBox is a cloud storage-based data storage application with a large capacity of 1024GB / 1TB.

Using TeraBox, users can store approximately: 3,000,000+ photos, 2500+ video files, or 6.5 million pages of documents. You can then back up, sync, access, and share your content.

When you download a file on TeraBox, the service will ask the user to install an application to download the file. Here’s how to download files on TeraBox without the application.

  1. Open the TeraBox file link in a browser.
  2. Use Desktop mode in the browser (in the browser menu enable desktop mode).
  3. Sign in with your account.
  4. Tap on the file box [ ✓ ] and select the Download button.
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You can also select ‘Save to my TeraBox’. Files that have been downloaded, will be saved to the storage application of the phone or computer.


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