[NEW] How to Repost Twitter X Videos Without Retweeting

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to repost Twitter videos without retweeting, with the label From @X.

On the Twitter X service, users can repost with Repost or Quote. It’s just that it will display two accounts in one repost.

You can repost videos on Twitter without retweeting with the label ‘From @username’. This way it looks more attractive and automatically adds the source of the video.

How to Repost Twitter Videos Without Retweeting

  • Open Twitter
  • Copy Twitter video link
  • For example: https://twitter.com/kingdom_taurus/status/1700933643005563096?s=20
  • Use the following link “https://twitter.com/kingdom_taurus/status/1700933643005563096” and add ‘/video/1‘ at the end
    repost video twitter x
    repost video twitter x
  • Become: https://twitter.com/kingdom_taurus/status/1700933643005563096/video/1
  • Then share the link above in Post to Twitter

That’s how to repost videos on Twitter X without retweeting.

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