Opening Song for KAMEN RIDER GOTCHARD ‘CHEMY×STORY’ by BACK-ON, Trending ! – Japanese pop-rockers BACK-ON were able to maintain their ion with the new single ‘CHEMY×STORY’ (read ‘Chemistry’) which received a big reaction in Japan.

When news broke that ‘CHEMY×STORY’ would be featured as the official opening theme song for KAMEN RIDER GOTCHARD, the latest installment of the Japanese pop culture phenomenon KAMEN RIDER, the hashtag #BACKON trended in their home country as fans took to social media to spread the word about the big announcement.

The band was also the number one trending topic on Yahoo! News, and a tweet about the song from music manager KAMEN RIDER received nearly one million views. The TV snippet of the song can be downloaded and streamed immediately as the first episode of KAMEN RIDER GOTCHARD airs.

BACK-ON is no stranger to the catchy opening theme song. In a career spanning nearly two decades, they have helmed the scores for some of Japan’s most beloved anime franchises, including GUNDAM, Initial D, and Fairy Tail.

It’s no surprise that music and TV lovers alike are making a fuss about BACK-ON making the leap from the world of anime to the world of Japanese live-action superhero TV shows (tokusatsu), which is also thanks to the amount of effort they put in and the energy they put into it. each track, ensuring the music and lyrics match each show’s primary audience, while preserving the signature BACK-ON sound and style.

Previously, BACK-ON’s high-energy single ‘Chair’ secured the pair’s debut into the world of KAMEN RIDER when it was featured as an insert on last season’s KAMEN RIDER GEATS. The lyrics, composition, and cover art of ‘Chair’ all reference parts of the show.

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The new single ‘CHEMY×STORY’ follows suit by incorporating elements of KAMEN RIDER GOTCHARD into its release, from the protagonist featured on the single’s cover art, to its catchphrase “Gotcha!” appears in the lyrics, plus clever word play incorporating story themes into the lyrics.

The title track ‘CHEMY×STORY’ is itself a play on words, sounding like the English word ‘chemistry’ which refers to the plot of KAMEN RIDER GOTCHARD, a “STORY” that revolves around “CHEMY”, an artificial sentient being who has been released and must be recaptured. Could this wordplay be deeper than it seems? Fans should watch the series to see how the mystery unfolds.

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KENJI03, BACK-ON guitarist and songwriter commented, “We finally made the theme song for KAMEN RIDER!”. Bandmate and rapper TEEDA added, “I’m honored to be able to sing the theme song to KAMEN RIDER, which I’ve loved since I was a kid. We hope you like it and we look forward to playing ‘CHEMY×STORY’ in front of you soon!”

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