The song ‘Summer Drive feat. Icazahra’ Collaboration with Indonesian Diva Singers, AmPm, CARTOON and YELLOCK – Japanese masked producer duo AmPm have teamed up with tech-house DJ and producer CARTOON and virtual human artist YELLOCK, along with Japan-based singer-songwriter and Indonesian diva Icazahra on their new song ‘Summer Drive feat. Icazahra’.

This new song is a collaboration born of the popular music show ‘Unknown Studio’ broadcast in Japan by ABC TV. The song combines Icazahra’s beautiful and melodic singing voice with AmPm’s deep and chill sound design and blends CARTOON and YELLOCK’s house elements to create an outstanding house music product.

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Be sure to give this fresh summer tune a listen to provide some shade from the rising heat.

Icazahra is an Indonesian singer-songwriter living in Japan. He studied classical music in junior high school with the aim of becoming a violinist, and started his career as a singer in Indonesia in 2010. He moved to Japan in 2014 to study, and in 2015 he became the winning contestant on Nippon’s TV show ‘Nodojiman The World’.

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Then in 2019, while managed by a Japanese talent agency, he made his debut in Japan by releasing singles and albums under the name ICA. He now performs as an independent artist under the name Icazahra, as well as posting his own covers of popular anime songs on YouTube. In 2020 he released the single ‘We Are Not In Love Anymore’, followed by the 2021 EP ‘Restless’, which features lyrics in three languages.

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