Prices for PlayStation Plus Have Increased – PlayStation Plus customers will get a price increase than usual.

PlayStation Plus price increase, increased by several percent from usual. There are many games in the PlayStation Plus catalog that you can play when subscribing, or visiting the following link (

PlayStation Plus Price

PlayStation Plus price
PlayStation Plus price
  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-month = 79.99USD.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-month= 134.99USD.
  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-month = 159.99 USD.
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It’s just that PlayStation Plus in Indonesia is still priced at the same time when this post was made.

PlayStation Plus price in Indonesia

  1. PS Plus Essential IDR 89 thousand per month, IDR 229 thousand per three months and IDR 559 thousand per year.
  2. PS Plus Extra IDR 135 thousand per month, IDR 379 thousand per three months and IDR 935 thousand per year.
  3. PS Plus Deluxe IDR 155 thousand per month, IDR 435 thousand per three months and IDR 1,075,000 per year.
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