Tecnology NewsTikTok Music: How to Subscribe and Price List

TikTok Music: How to Subscribe and Price List

KingdomTaurusNews.com – TikTok Music has been released to replace the Resso application, as a paid music service.

Users can listen to thousands more music from various countries, download, create playlists, like and comment.

The TikTok Music application is available on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone/iPad.

How to Subscribe to TikTok Music

  • Open the TikTok Music app
  • Tap on Me
  • Click the Subscribe Now button
  • Select a subscription option
  • Complete payment
TikTok Music
TikTok Music

Price List for TikTok Music

  1. Individually = IDR 49,000/month / $3.23
  2. Family = IDR 59,000/month / $3.89
  3. Students = IDR 24,500/month / $1.62
  4. Weekly plan = IDR 15,000/week / $0.99

That’s how to subscribe and the price for TikTok Music.

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