[4 Ways] How to Clear Memory Space on Android & iPhone [Internal Storage]

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How do you free up storage space on your cellphone, on Android or iPhone?

Storage space on mobile phones is needed to store various kinds of files and documents, users even need enough memory to install applications in the application store.

When the storage space is full, your activity will be interrupted. Every phone you buy, you will be given a large storage space and you can also expand it with additional tools.

Here’s how to free up storage space on your cellphone.

1. Use MicroSD

Every cell phone you buy, will be given a slot to install a microSD memory card, according to how much space it needs.

2. Using Cloud / online storage applications

You can use online storage applications, such as iCloud, Google Cloud, and other applications in the Play Store or App Store.

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3. Data backup

Backup your data to physical memory, such as a flash drive so that you can save new files on your cellphone.

4. Clear Cache

Clearing cache can clear space used by applications, usually on mobile phones that have a clear cache feature or use the CCleaner application.

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