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Tecnology NewsHow to Fix Unreadable microSD Memory Card and Restart

How to Fix Unreadable microSD Memory Card and Restart

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to fix unreadable microSD, and restart.

One of the causes is dirt on the copper plate. Another possibility is that due to an error in the device that made it, a notification appears that the memory card is not read and restarts.

Here are some tips, to fix unreadable microSD.

1. Clean the microSD Memory Card

Remove the microSD from the phone and clean the microSD brass with a rubber eraser.

2. Test with PC / Laptop

Use a PC / Laptop to test whether the microSD is read by the device.

3. Update

If the microSD is safe, check if there is a software update, if this problem appears due to a bug and so on.

4. Replace microSD

If the memory card cannot be read on various devices, you can use a new microSD.

If the problem is not solved, you can come to the nearest service center in your city.

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