Superstar ‘PPAP’ PIKOTARO Collaborates with Cateen (Hayato Sumino) and Masato Suzuki to Restart Their Music Activities – PIKOTARO is back! His song ‘PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)’ became a global sensation when it was uploaded to YouTube in 2016 and shared by Justin Bieber as well as many media such as CNN and BBC, making it the first song by a Japanese artist in 26 years to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

And now, this quirky star from Japan is gearing up to relaunch her music activities to take the world by storm again.

PIKOTARO has released a new digital and music video titled ‘PEEK-A-BOO feat. Masato Suzuki & Cateen (Hayato Sumino) with Azabu Gakuen OB+Orchestra’.

This release is a collaboration with Cateen (Hayato Sumino), a classical pianist who was discovered by producer Daimaou Kosaka on the TV Asahi music TV series ‘Untitled Concert’ and whose YouTube channel now has over 1.2 million subscribers, along with famous classical musicians Japan Masato Suzuki and Azabu Gakuen OB + Orchestra.

‘PEEK-A-BOO’ is a continuation of ‘PPAP’. Aiming to “Make the world smile with PEEK-A-BOO”, this is PIKOTARO’s next step towards his dream of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

The music videos feature the signature PIKOTARO twist, with many smartphones and tablets featuring videos from their respective collaborators running simultaneously in perfect sync.

See PIKOTARO’s funny facial expressions on three screens, alongside the amazing Cateen piano performance and the full-scale orchestra performed by Masato Suzuki!


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