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Tecnology NewsSolution Instagram Error Keeps Stopping, Since Threads Appeared

Solution Instagram Error Keeps Stopping, Since Threads Appeared

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Since Threads appeared, in several communities there has been an Instagram error problem and it keeps stopping.

In our monitoring, this error appears in several users in the Samsung community to POCO.

While there was no announcement of this problem from Instagram, here are some solutions.

Clear device cache

You will need to clear the cache on your device using a built-in tool or an app like CCleaner.

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Reinstall Instagram or Update

After clearing the cache, reinstall Instagram or update via the Play Store or App Store.

Use Instagram Lite or web

If the Instagram update hasn’t appeared, use Instagram Lite or the web version on instagram.com which can be accessed via a browser.

Can the tips above solve the error problem on your Instagram?

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