How to Voice Effect on TikTok: Squirrel & Mic Sounds – You can use voice effects on TikTok, so that the uploaded videos are more interesting.

The original sound that was recorded will be changed through voice effects on TikTok, there are various sound effects that can be used.

The process of changing the original sound to a sound effect can be done automatically. Just select one sound effect to use.

To create a voice effect in the TikTok application, follow the method below.

How to Use Voice Effects on TikTok

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Record or upload a TikTok video
  3. On the right menu ‘Audio Editing’
    voice effect tiktok
    voice effect tiktok
  4. Tap one of the effects like, Squirrel, Mic, Baritone
  5. and Save

After saving, the audio on your video will change according to the voice effect selected via the TikTok application.


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