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UNDAWN: Redeem Code in July 2023 part 2

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – Undawn is a new game, which has succeeded in becoming the TOP Game in the Play Store and App Store.

Players can claim the redeem code they get to receive attractive prizes. The code that was successfully claimed can be seen in the Inbox.

Undawn is available for mobile devices, namely Android and iOS, as well as PCs that require ideal specs and a stable internet connection to play Undawn smoothly.

How to Claim the Undawn Redeem Code

  • Open the Undawn game
  • Tap ‘Perks’
  • Enter the ‘Redemption Center’ menu
  • Enter the Undawn redeem code
  • Click ‘Submit’ or ‘Send’
  • Claim via inbox

Here is the Undawn redeem code that we managed to get.


The player must have level 10 to claim the code above.

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