Telegram Stories Will Be Released, Features? – Telegram has finally granted a user’s request, to add Telegram Stories to their app.

Telegram Stories is in the testing phase, Pavel Valeryevich Durov via his Channel says Stories will be available in early July.

On Telegram Stories, viewers can send reactions, view collections of Stories, Record Stories and choose who can view them.

There is something interesting in Telegram Stories, as follows.


You’ll be able to define who can see each of your stories with granular precision: Everyone, just your contacts (with exceptions), a select few contacts, or a list of Close Friends.

Compact interface.

Stories will be placed in an expandable section at the top of your chat list, which makes them easy to access without taking up valuable space.


It will be easy to hide Stories posted by any contact, moving them to the ‘Hidden’ list in your Contacts section instead of the main screen.


As well as taking advantage of dozens of powerful photo and video editing tools, you’ll be able to caption your stories to add more context or link and tag others.

Dual Camera Support.

Building on the success of Telegram Video Messages, we added an option to post photos and videos captured by the front and rear cameras at the same time.

Optional Ephemerality.

You’ll be able to choose when a story expires – in 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours – or display the story permanently on your profile page, with individual privacy settings.

and others.


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