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Tecnology News13 Countries Get the Samsung Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification Feature

13 Countries Get the Samsung Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification Feature

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Samsung Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature on the Galaxy Watch. Samsung announced that the feature will soon be available in 13 countries starting in mid-2023.

“Heart disease is still one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and we are committed to supporting users to keep informed about their heart health by providing various monitoring tools, including blood pressure measurements and notifications for irregular heartbeats,” said Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business, Samsung Electronics.

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Apart from the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature, blood pressure monitoring and Electrocardiogram (ECG) are also available in the application.

The IHRN feature detects heartbeats that have the potential to lead to atrial fibrillation (AFib), helping Galaxy Watch users to understand their heart health more comprehensively.

The IHRN feature was approved by the MFSD (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety – South Korea) last week after obtaining permission from the FDA (the US food and drug regulatory agency).

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The Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature will be available for the first time for the upcoming Galaxy Watch devices which will be launched later this year as part of the latest One UI 5 Watch presence.

This feature will be introduced in 13 countries, namely Argentina, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Georgia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama and the UAE, along with the United States and South Korea.

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The Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature will also be gradually extended to previous models.

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