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Tecnology NewsHow to Reset & Restart GPU (Graphics Driver) Windows 10/11

How to Reset & Restart GPU (Graphics Driver) Windows 10/11

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to reset the GPU (Graphics Driver) which may not work properly, or there are other problems.

You can perform a GPU reset in Windows 10 & 11, with several steps to solve the problem on your computer.

1. How to Restart GPU in Windows with a shortcut

Click hold on the keyboard, Win + Ctrl + Shift + B.

2. How to Reset GPU in Windows with Device Manager

  • Open Device Manager
  • Select Display Adapters – right-click on the graphics card driver – Properties – on the menu Driver – Disable Device.
  • Then Enable Device graphics card back in the same menu.
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Uninstall graphics card

Or you can Uninstall the graphics card in the Display Adapters menu above, and restart the PC device.

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