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Tecnology News How to Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel

[Easy] How to Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Instagram announced that it has launched the Channel feature globally, and several users on Instagram have created their Channels.

Broadcast Channels on Instagram can connect you with your followers, on Channels you can share daily activities, create polls, photos, texts, and followers can respond in the form of emojis.

To create a Channel on the Instagram application, follow the method below.

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How to Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel

  1. Tap the DM icon on the top right.
    Instagram DM
  2. Click the Pencil icon at the top right.
    instagram menu
  3. Tap Create broadcast channel.
    Instagram Channel
    Instagram Channel


  4. Enter a channel name.
  5. Select an audience for the channel.
  6. Choose when your channel ends.
  7. Choose to show the channel on the Instagram profile.
  8. Click Create broadcast channel at the bottom.

You can share your Channel, via the Invite Link menu, and share on Story.

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