Tecnology NewsSamsung Exynos Auto V920 Processor for Hyundai Motor Vehicles

Samsung Exynos Auto V920 Processor for Hyundai Motor Vehicles

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Samsung announced the Exynos Auto V920 automotive processor, used by Hyundai Motor Company’s next-generation in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, which is expected to launch in 2025.

The Exynos Auto V920 is Samsung’s third-generation automotive processor for the advanced IVI system. With considerable improvements to CPU performance, graphics and neural processing, the V920 will provide an optimal in-vehicle experience by enabling real-time display of important driving information, as well as smooth playback of graphic-rich video content and games across multiple screens.

The V920 CPU packs 10 of Arm’s newest cores optimized for autonomous driving, enabling 1.7 times greater processing performance than the previous generation.

With support for the latest high-speed LPDDR5 memory, the V920 can efficiently manage up to six high-resolution displays for the dashboard, infotainment and rear-seat entertainment systems, and up to 12 camera sensors that capture important visual information.

Significant improvements have been made to the graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) performance of the processor, enhancing the visual presentation on the screen and optimizing the driver’s interaction with information in the car.

To provide a rich graphical user interface (GUI), the V920 integrates advanced GPU cores with up to two times faster graphics processing capabilities than its predecessor.

By incorporating the latest computing cores, the neural processing unit (NPU) achieves 2.7 times greater performance than the previous generation. This enables the V920 to support enhanced driver monitoring features to better detect driver conditions and quickly assess the surrounding environment, thereby providing safer driving conditions.

To further enhance driver safety, the safety island embedded in the V920 – complies with Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL-B) requirements – detects and manages faults in real-time, keeping the IVI system safe.

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