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The song ‘Dream Out Loud feat. ØZI’ : Collaboration of Japanese Rapper ‘SKY-HI’ and Taiwanese Rapper ØZI

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Japanese rapper SKY-HI has released their new single ‘Dream Out Loud feat. ØZI’ is available on streaming services.

Co-recorded with leading Japanese producer KM, the song combines a danceable sound and memorable horn riff with SKY-HI’s catchy flow and high-energy rhythm.

The track also features guest vocalist ØZI, a chart-topping artist based in Taiwan who releases music for audiences around the world.

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ØZI’s lyrics and flow are rooted in hip-hop and R&B, resulting in a truly special collaboration that elevates the song to new heights.

In today’s world where dreams are hard to chase and filled with anxieties about the future that affect us all deeply, the upbeat and straightforward messages from SKY-HI and ØZI produce positive songs that will move your hearts.

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