Tecnology NewsWhatsApp Releases Channels You Can Follow

WhatsApp Releases Channels You Can Follow

KingdomTaurusNews.com – WhatsApp released a Channel, which can be used to receive the latest info from people and organizations, directly within WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Channel is a one-way broadcasting feature for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls. WhatsApp also features a searchable directory where you can find hobbies, sports teams, updates from local authorities, and more.

You can also follow a channel from an invite link sent in a chat, email, or posted online.

As a Channel admin, a user’s phone number and profile photo will not be shown to followers. Vice versa, your phone number will also not be disclosed to admins and other followers when you follow a Channel.

Admins will also have the option to block screenshots and forwarded messages from their channel. Admins can also decide who can follow their channel and whether they want their channel to be discoverable in the directory or not.

For now, WhatsApp is working with global, prominent voices and selected organizations in Colombia and Singapore, where Channels will be available for the first time.

In the coming months, WhatsApp Channels will expand to more countries and give anyone the ability to create a channel.

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