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Tecnology NewsMeta Quest 3 Price: Released with Various Improvements

Meta Quest 3 Price: Released with Various Improvements

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Meta announced the Meta Quest 3, which is the next generation of affordable Meta VR devices.

The Meta Quest 3 also redesigns the Quest 3’s Touch Plus controller with a slimmer, more ergonomic form factor. It also includes TruTouch haptics, which was first launched on Touch Pro, to bring new experiences to VR.

Quest 3 is compatible with the Quest 2 catalog, which contains more than 500 VR games, apps, and experiences (and counting), and there will be new VR and MR titles available for launch.

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Pricing for Meta Quest 3 with 128GB starts at $499.99 (USD), and additional storage options will be available.

In addition, starting June 4, the price of Quest 2 will be $299.99 (USD) for the 128GB SKU and $349.99 (USD) for the 256GB SKU.

You can also take part in Meta Connect, which will be held on September 27 via www.metaconnect.com.

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